EU gas prices have skyrocketed. After Russia suspends gas transmission through the Nord Stream pipeline

EU gas prices have skyrocketed. After Russia suspends gas transmission through the Nord Stream pipeline


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On September 5, 2022, Reuters reported that Gas prices in Europe soared as much as 30 percent on Monday after Russia said one of its main gas pipelines to Europe would be closed indefinitely. This raises new concerns about gas shortages. and gas delivery to Europe this winter

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Standard gas prices hit 272 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) when the market opened. After Russia said on Friday that device leak This caused Nord Stream 1 to continue to shut down after three days of maintenance last week.

The Netherlands' Dutch TTF natural gas futures were at 256 euros, up 23% early today. or an increase of almost 400% compared to last year. This year's surge in gas prices has put pressure on already struggling consumers. and causing some industries to stop production


Europe accuses Russia of using it as a weapon in response to Western sanctions. The case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine while Russia accuses the West of opening war for economic war and boycott has hindered the operation of the oil pipeline.

Nordstream gas pipeline which crosses under the Baltic Sea to Germany It has historically shipped about a third of Russia's gas exports to Europe. But the pipeline currently supplies only 20% of its total capacity. before suspending gas transmission last week for maintenance

Russian gas passing through Ukraine which is another main route also decreased This caused the European Union to scramble for gas reserves to fill its winter reservoirs. Many countries have adopted contingency plans. which may lead to gas rationing and the risk of recession