Best Defence Contractor in UK!

Britannia 200 Holding has been providing military equipment for 30 years. And their expertise speaks a lot through their product quality. Their products include airborne mission computers, rugged day/ night monitors, DVRs, and mission equipment interface units. These are duly built with ro


Security has been the main focus for Britannia 2000 holdings. Their equipment has served the nations for their safety and security under the current crucial social climate. B2KH is a Defence Contractor that helps them to keep an eye on their surroundings by providing surveillance to maintain the security of these countries and take action accordingly. Britannia 2000 Holdings has been a known surveillance and security agency for over 30 years. Apart from military and intelligence, they also help individuals maintain their privacy by installing security systems curated by in-house designers who maintain the relevance of the products by keeping them up to date with design and technology. It has been accredited by ISO9001 too as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of surveillance goods. 

Britannia 2000 Holdings specializes in certain types of equipment like Rugged Military Displays, Thermal Cameras, Ground Systems, Surveillance Systems, CAMC, rugged displays, Video Downlink Receivers, and mission equipment interface units. These are specially made to serve the military and intelligence of the government. The war machines are designed by their in-house designers who keep the design and working of the equipment updated. 

Airborne mission computers

These are specially built for installation in the aircraft by the military and can fit in a small place. The information stored is highly classified thus it is stored in the SSD card which can be stored away from the CAMC, CAMC stands for compact airborne mission computers. They have been made small in size to keep them handy during war situations. It comes without a fan to avoid noise, despite the 

The device is strong and it is known to deliver performance.

Rugged day/night monitor displays

The monitor comes with a 60007 HD display, it has an anti-glare glass display with the resistive touch screen option. It also comes with a remote to monitor the functions. The company gives the option to make minor customizations to the device. It has been built in multiviewer, with 6 divisions on screen. This consumes low power too. Due to its use by the military and intelligence, during war, the size of the device has been made compact. 


The DVR is called the 60005 airborne DVR, this is the latest in the series and can automatically record videos as soon as it is connected to the turret and power is supplied. It also comes with a remote control to keep the motion in control. The SD card has a capacity of 256GB and it is removable. It can also record audio. It is also known for consuming very little power. The body of the device has been made small and compact so that it can be managed in war situations. Although small, it can easily hold all the war archives. 


Drakon HD-SDI codecs

There are three versions of this device, namely, the Drakon 01C commercial, the Drakon 01R rugged, and the Drakon 01M OEM. It is a professional video encoder. It allows users to preview videos through WEB management and it supports multi-language for worldwide users. It has been made with ultra power saving mode. It has local internal and additional USB external storage. Detailed information on the device can be found on the official website of the company. 


Apart from the devices mentioned above, there are a few more devices to help maintain surveillance in the war zones. Britannia 2000 Holdings has been working constantly towards the improvement of these devices. They make sure that the devices are up-to-date and effectively functional. Their mission is to maximize success and deliver high-quality performance. They go the extra mile for customer satisfaction by providing warranty and instant factory support for all their products. They have been the direct Defence contractors for the military and have been providing services to individuals and independent companies occasionally. It has been very helpful towards the military during wars, by providing the necessary surveillance in an uninterrupted and classified manner. It has been a reliable company for over 3 decades now.