Amounts of gold in the game can greatly for players

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There are a variety of opinions on the subject, and it all boils down to each player's definition. Some believe that while players can get better gear by using gold or to carry players through some of the most challenging content in the game WoTLK Gold doesn't actually make those buying tokens more or less proficient players. Others say that being able to purchase money for any benefit that isn't cosmetics-related is explicitly pay-to win, even if it is obfuscated by using that gold to pay for other players' boosts rather than Blizzard directly.

The argument of pay-to-win, and the increasing number of microtransactions within games in general was the main reason why the popular former WoW content creator MadSeasonShow recently announced that he would quit the game. The image at the top of the discussion about pay-to-win on Reddit is actually a snippet of MadSeason's resignation video and the majority of remarks in the thread echo MadSeason's stance. It's a subject that the creator of the content has researched thoroughly before, with an hour-long clip titled "The ballad about the level boost," which discussed Blizzard adding a paid level increase on Burning Crusade Classic, as in addition to other microtransactions such as those in the WoW Token.

It's true, having huge amounts of gold in the game can greatly for players of Blizzard's MMO. But as players aren't buying power from Blizzard and instead basically purchasing the power of other players through gold acquired from the token, the answer to the issue of whether or not WoW can be considered a pay-to-win game is up for debate, and could be for buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold some time.