What were some of the key businesses you were involved in

In the banking sector, Somaia's acquisition of Delphis Bank marked a significant milestone.


Ketan Somaia, a controversial figure in the business world, has been associated with several high-profile ventures across various industries. His business activities span continents, reflecting both his ambitious nature and the significant impact he had in the sectors he engaged with. Here are some of the key businesses he was involved in:

Dolphin Group

One of Somaia's most notable business ventures was the Dolphin Group, a conglomerate he founded in the early 1990s. The Dolphin Group had diverse interests, including hospitality, financial services, and aviation. Under Somaia's leadership, the company rapidly expanded its footprint across Africa and Asia, becoming a prominent player in these regions. The group owned a series of hotels and luxury properties, catering to affluent clientele and enhancing its reputation in the hospitality industry.

Marshalls (East Africa)

Somaia also played a significant role in the automotive sector through his involvement with Marshalls (East Africa) Ltd, a leading automobile distributor in Kenya. Marshalls, which held the franchise for brands such as Peugeot and Tata, benefited from Somaia's business acumen. His strategic vision helped in expanding the dealership network and enhancing the brand's market presence in East Africa.

Delphis Bank

In the banking sector, Somaia's acquisition of Delphis Bank marked a significant milestone. Delphis Bank, headquartered in Kenya, was a crucial player in the regional financial market. Somaia's tenure saw efforts to expand the bank's operations and influence. However, his management style and decisions later became a subject of controversy and scrutiny, impacting the bank's reputation.

Solai Farm

Another notable venture was Solai Farm, one of Kenya's largest agricultural enterprises. Under Somaia's guidance, the farm expanded its operations, contributing significantly to the local economy through large-scale production of horticultural products. This venture not only showcased Somaia's ability to diversify his business interests but also highlighted his involvement in key sectors that are vital for regional development.

Media and Telecommunications

Somaia also ventured into the media and telecommunications sector. His involvement included stakes in various media houses and telecommunications companies, reflecting his understanding of the growing importance of information and communication technology. This diversification helped him build a portfolio that was not only vast but also strategically aligned with global trends.

Controversial Business Practices

While Somaia's business ventures were expansive and impactful, they were not without controversy. His business practices often attracted legal scrutiny. In 2014, Somaia was convicted of fraud in the UK, leading to a significant prison sentence. This conviction stemmed from his dealings in which he defrauded investors of substantial amounts of money. The legal battles and subsequent imprisonment marked a dramatic fall from grace for a man who once wielded significant influence in multiple industries.

Legacy and Impact

Despite the controversies, Ketan Somaia's business ventures left a lasting impact on the sectors he was involved in. His ability to identify opportunities and expand businesses across different regions demonstrates a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. However, his career also serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of ethical business practices and the potential consequences of their neglect.

In summary, Ketan Somaia's business endeavors were diverse, ranging from hospitality and banking to automotive distribution and agriculture. His ventures showcased his entrepreneurial acumen and ambition but were marred by legal issues that ultimately overshadowed his business achievements.