Turkish Airlines Chisinau Office

At the Turkish Airlines Chisinau Office,Moldova, travelers can make travel arrangements, make changes to their tickets, and receive customer service.


At the Turkish Airlines Chisinau Office,Moldova, travelers can make travel arrangements, make changes to their tickets, and receive customer service. When it comes to inquiries concerning flights, luggage, and unique travel requirements, the easily accessible office can assist. The friendly workforce at Turkish Airlines ensures a convenient flying experience for passengers.

Turkish Airlines' Chisinau Office: Moldova's Doorway to Excellence


Turkish Airlines, the country's flag carrier, is renowned for its wide network, first-rate service, and dedication to global connectivity. With operations in more than 120 countries and over 300 destinations, Turkish Airlines has made a name for itself as a leader in international aviation. The Turkish Airlines Chisinau office, one of the airline's many locations across the globe, is essential to making travel easier and upholding the airline's excellent standards of customer care in Moldova.

Background and Founding

Turkish Airlines has been conducting business in Moldova for a number of years, with its main base of operations being its Chisinau office. The office was founded to support the airline's expanding presence in Eastern Europe and to meet the growing demand for foreign travel among Moldovan passengers. For Moldovan tourists, the Chisinau office has come to represent dependability, effectiveness, and a doorway to the outside world.The Turkish Airlines office in Chisinau is ideally situated in the city center, which makes it convenient for travelers to get to. It is in a well-known business district and is close to government buildings, shopping malls, and large hotels.

Services Provided

Turkish Airlines' Chisinau office provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the various demands of its customers. Among these services are:

Sales and Reservations of Tickets: 

To make sure that travelers can easily book their flights, the office offers complete support for sales and reservations of tickets. The personnel is qualified to help with seat selection, fare queries, and route planning.Turkish Airlines is well known for its customer-focused philosophy, and the Chisinau headquarters is no different. Travelers can ask questions about any aspect of their trip, such as flight information, baggage regulations, and requests for special help.

Loyalty Programs: 

MilesSmiles, the airline's frequent flyer program, is overseen by the office and offers a variety of advantages to devoted customers. Members can get individualized support, redeem prizes, and find out how many miles they have remaining.

Corporate Services: 

The Chisinau office provides specialized business travel solutions to corporate clients. This covers corporate travel management, group reservations, and special offers for businesses.

Dedication to Superiority

Maintaining Turkish Airlines' dedication to quality is the focus of the airline's Chisinau headquarters. In order to deliver excellent service and stay current with industry standards, the crew regularly receives training. In order to protect both passengers and employees, the office also complies with the airline's strict safety and security guidelines.

Participation of the Community

The Turkish Airlines office in Chisinau is actively involved in the local community with addition to its operational duties. The airline supports environmental, cultural, and educational projects in Moldova by taking part in a number of social responsibility programs. The relationship between Turkish Airlines and the people of Moldova is strengthened by this dedication to the community, which promotes respect and goodwill amongst them.

Obstacles and Adjustments

Turkish carriers has experienced difficulties as a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak, just as many other carriers. By putting in place health and safety precautions to safeguard employees and passengers, the Chisinau office has responded to these difficulties. Improved cleaning procedures, social distancing tactics, and the supply of personal protective equipment are some examples of this. 

Upcoming prospects

The Turkish Airlines office in Chisinau has room to grow in the future. The office hopes to grow its offerings and improve passengers' travel experiences for Moldovans as the aviation sector gradually recovers. Plans call for introducing new locations, implementing cutting-edge technology, and consistently raising the bar for customer service.


More than just a place to purchase tickets and get customer support, Turkish Airlines' Chisinau office serves as a crucial conduit between Moldova and the outside world. With its commitment to quality, client happiness, and community involvement, the office is a key component of Turkish Airlines' international network. The Chisinau office will continue to grow and adapt as the aviation sector changes, guaranteeing that Moldovan tourists have a flawless and unforgettable experience.