Cancel Driving Practical Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

Simplify the process of canceling your practical driving test with our efficient service. Navigate the cancellation seamlessly and manage your test appointments stress-free. Whether due to unforeseen circumstances or rescheduling needs, trust us for a smooth cancellation experience on your

Canceling a driving practical test can be necessary for various reasons, such as scheduling conflicts, personal emergencies, or feeling unprepared. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to follow the correct procedure to avoid penalties and reschedule the test efficiently. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to cancel your driving practical test.

  1. Understand the Cancellation Policy:

Before proceeding, familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy of your local driving authority. Most agencies require a minimum notice period, often 3 to 10 working days, to cancel without losing your fee. Check the specific requirements on their official website or contact their customer service for accurate information.

  1. Gather Necessary Information:

Ensure you have the following details on hand before canceling:

Your provisional driving license number.

The booking reference number of your practical test.

Personal identification details, such as your name and date of birth.

Having this information ready will expedite the cancellation process.

  1. Online Cancellation:

Most driving authorities offer an online portal for managing test bookings. Follow these steps to cancel your test online:

Log In: Access the official website and log in to your account using your credentials.

Navigate to Bookings: Go to the section where your practical test booking is listed.

Cancel the Test: Select the option to Cancel Driving Practical Test . You may need to confirm your decision and provide a reason for cancellation.

Receive Confirmation: Once canceled, you should receive a confirmation email or notification. Keep this for your records.

  1. Telephone Cancellation:

If you prefer to cancel by phone, follow these steps:

Call the Driving Authority: Find the customer service number on the official website.

Provide Information: Give the representative your provisional driving license number, booking reference, and other required details.

Confirm Cancellation: Confirm the cancellation and ask for a reference number or email confirmation.

  1. Visit in Person:

Some people might choose to visit the driving authority office in person. If this is your preference:

Locate the Nearest Office: Find the nearest branch of the driving authority.

Bring Necessary Documents: Take your provisional driving license and any other relevant documents.

Request Cancellation: Speak to a representative and request the cancellation. Ensure you receive a confirmation of the cancellation.

  1. Reschedule the Test:

If you plan to reschedule your test, you can often do so during the cancellation process. Whether online, by phone, or in person, most systems allow you to choose a new date and time immediately after canceling. Ensure the new date gives you ample time to prepare and is within a convenient timeframe.

  1. Avoiding Penalties:

To avoid losing your test fee, adhere to the minimum notice period required for cancellations. If you cancel outside this window, you may forfeit your fee and have to pay again for a new booking. Check the specific terms to understand any exceptions, such as medical emergencies or other extenuating circumstances.

  1. Final Tips:

Check Eligibility for Refund: Some driving authorities may offer partial refunds depending on the notice period and reasons for cancellation.

Prepare for the Next Test: Use the extra time to better prepare for your practical test. Consider additional lessons or practice to increase your confidence and readiness.

Stay Informed: Regularly check the official website or contact customer service for any updates or changes in policies.


Canceling your driving practical test is a straightforward process if you follow the correct steps and understand the policies of your local driving authority. By being prepared with the necessary information and adhering to the required notice periods, you can efficiently manage your test booking and avoid unnecessary penalties. Whether you choose to cancel online, by phone, or in person, ensure you receive confirmation of the cancellation and take the opportunity to reschedule when ready.

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