Different classes may face different obstacles to reach this location

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Finding the Correct Area.Players that are searching for those who are looking for the Monastery Barracks should begin by traveling to the Black Marsh D2R Ladder Items. After arriving at this point followers should follow Road of the Marsh that leads into the Tamoe Highlands, and they should continue following the trail until they reach the gate of Rogue Monastery.

Different classes may face different obstacles to reach this location However, it's not too far from here. When you find a spot on the map which is constructed by brick wall, instead of stone and a message will be displayed that the character's name is "Entering Through the Monastery Gate." Continue along the wall until you reach an opening, then proceed towards the interior.

How to navigate the Outer Cloister.Keep an eye on a waypoint here as well for those who want to replay the game will be thankful to have skipped all of the actions so far. Particularly, the enemies that exist within the Monastery are considerably more difficult than those that are found within it. This is why players should be sure to harvest at the right location prior to exploring.

Players can now explore monastery's Outer Cloister, which is tiny, and one of its paths can lead directly to the Barracks. Similar to the first area, will be displayed on the upper right-hand corner right of the page D2R Ladder Items Buy. From here is the matter of finding the room The Smith has locked himself up in.