who are eligible to get free points ?

Ans:- Every User Are eligble to get free points

How you will get free points ?

Ans:- To get free points ,you have to create new post ,react anyone post or create new blog

Which video or blog are eligble to get Rs 5 per 100 likes ?

Ans:-The video and blog content must be unique , and it must not be present on any other social media or website. if you share video link from other source then it will not be eligible . The blog should contain at least 300 words .

What is the daily points limit ?

Ans :- A user can get max 500 point in a day ,by creating post ,reacting anyone post ,and by creating blog

What is withdraw process ?

Ans :- To withdraw you must have to verify your profile first , Without verifying we will not allow to widthdraw . When your earning will reach min 350 Inr then only you can request for withdraw

What are the Withdrawal method ?

Ans :- For only indian user , they can send request either giving details of bank account or paypal account and the users outside of India can send request only on paypal method

What is the post limit in a hour ?

Ans :- A user can do maximum 5 post within one hour ,It may be picture ,video or blog

Can my points decrease ?

Ans :- Yes your points may be decrease if we found that you are posting same thing repeatedly and you posting something like 1,2,3 a,b,c then we may remove your post and your points will decrease ,and your account may be blocked . Aslo you can't share others suspicious website link and post which is Sexually Explicit for this case your account may be block .

What is the Best Picture and Best Video Award ?

Ans :- Every week there are two special rewards for best picture and best video .To participate you have to find two pages Elovebook Best Picture page and Elovebook Best Video Page , and you have to post your best picture to Elovebook Best Picture page and and your best video to Elovebook Best video page . Every week we select one best picture and one best video based on getting maximum likes to a picture and video.The best video and picture award is $5

What is the minimum withdraw request balance ?

Ans :- you can withdraw your balance when your earning will reach 350 INR

What is the max file size you can upload ?

Ans :- you can upolad upto 100mb file size